Герцогиня Кейт произвела фурор в Париже

Герцогиня Кейт произвела в Париже настоящий модный фурор

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Герцогиня Кейт произвела фурор в Париже



Кейт Миддлтон провела выходные вместе с супругом в столице Франции. Официальный визит самой популярной в Европе супружеской четы был весьма насыщен: встреча с президентом Франсуа Оландом, коктейль в Елисейском дворце, бал в посольстве Великобритании в Париже, посещение военного госпиталя, экскурсия в музей. матч по регби… И везде Кейт выглядела просто превосходно. Модные эксперты с упоением обсуждали каждый наряд герцогини Кембриджской.

The Duchess dazzled in a floor-sweeping $3,800 Jenny Packham gown at the British Embassy last night. Many found it to be rather reminiscent of Princess Elsa due to the ice-blue colour and sparkle effect given off by the tiny sequins that were intricately sewn on in great detail. What Would Kate Do believe it to be a bespoke version of the image of a dress they came across shown on the left. Kate’s diamond chandelier earrings are on loan from the Queen; she has worn them a few times now to formal events. As for Kate’s bracelet, it originally belonged to Queen Mary, but in the form of a choker. When it was passed down to the Queen Mother, she had it converted into a bracelet. Kate has worn it to a few formal events. Kate had with her her Jenny Packham ‘Casa’ clutch also. She has both a silver one and a red one (both sold out). Kate brought back her Cinderella heels which were such a great match for this gown. The Oscar de la Renta ‘Platinum Lamé Cabrina Pumps’ are available for $690. They are described as «…reworked for the new season in glistening platinum lamé. This Italian-made pair has a sleek, architectural silhouette with a pointed toe, scalloped sides and raised back. Wear them as a sharp contrast to daytime tailoring or with an elegant cocktail dress.’ I also adore what the British Ambassador’s wife, Anne Llewellyn, wore (bottom right); I’m on the hunt to try and find where it’s from. Update: I’m still looking for this gown, but I found her black dress with the Peter Pan collar — it’s Claudie Pierlot’s ‘Reminiscence Frill Collar Dress’ (£130) but seems to be sold out at Harrods. Tomorrow, the Duke & Duchess will visit Les Invalides and attend a rugby game. See you then! #royaltourparis

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Самый роскошный наряд 35-летняя супруга принца Уильяма продемонстрировала на балу в посольстве Великобритании: вечернее платье за 3800 долларов от любимого британского бренда герцогини Jenny Packham. В руках она держала клатч этой же марки. На Кейт были надеты фамильные драгоценности: в ее ушах поблескивали бриллиантовые серьги-шандельеры, которые принадлежат самой Елизавете Второй. Королева надевала их несколько раз на самые важные мероприятия.
Но больше всего порадовал парижан другой образ — его можно назвать самым французским. Герцогиня надела твидовое пальто от Chanel стоимостью 10300 долларов из нынешней весенне-летней коллекции бренда с узнаваемым логотипом на ремне, а к нему еще подобрала и соответствующие аксессуары: кожаный ремень и сумочку от Chanel за 4200 долларов.

Many of us were hoping for a little Chanel number sometime during this quick trip, and we got it! The sartorial Duchess gave a nod to the host country by picking Chanel’s cotton tweed coat with a red, white and black pattern from the 2017 Spring/Summer RTW Collection. It retails for £8,380/$10,300 (yes, you read that correctly). Kate’s is slightly modified, opting for her own belt which is also Chanel and features the CC logo. The Duchess carried a chic little quilted Chanel purse with an enamel handle. With thanks to Kate’s Closet, the Calfskin Flap Bag is from the Fall/Winter 2015/2016 collection and is £3,400/$4,200. Kate’s necklace and earrings today are from Cartier’s ‘Trinity’ collection. Above you can see some very similar earrings, the difference being that Kate’s doesn’t have the diamond. Both the earrings and necklace feature 18k white gold, 18k pink gold and 18k yellow gold. The three intertwined bands symbolize love, fidelity and friendship. She also had on her Cartier Ballon Bleu watch. On her feet were her Tod’s Fringe Pumps (sold out) — a very practical choice for the Paris cobblestones and children’s rugby game. We will see Kate again shortly for the Wales vs France rugby game; I’m guessing she’ll change into something more casual. P.S. Today Kate revealed that George has a toy rabbit that he named ‘Bun Bun’. ?

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На матче регби Кейт появилась в красном пальто от Carolina Herrera. Его герцогиня уже надевала в прошлом году во время официального визита супругов в Канаду.

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