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With the help of this invention, we will give out a reward in the form of RRC bonus coins to all DJs who agree to accept this bonus! At the moment the Bonus program assumes to distribute 100.000 coins, but it is possible the sum of the distributed RoyalRadioCash coins will be more but at least 100k RRC. All DJs are proportional to the number of votes that will be given for them.
The essence is as follows: The distribution will take place on a specific day (the day has not yet been determined), but it will be no later than the end of 2018. We will try to develop the situation so that all DJs can get their bonuses as soon as possible. Bonuses are distributed proportionally to the voices that are given for the DJ and these voices are visible opposite the name DJ. In order for DJ to take his coins, he must send his purse number in the comment to the entry about himself! The bottom line is that 100,000 coins — now of course nothing is worth, but if for example the price for a coin is about 10 $, then in fact we will distribute almost $ 1 million — and if more ? Smiley it turns out even more fun … in this way, any of the DJs at all without straining can get quite an impressive amount — just like that Smiley
More information on how to count:
For example, in the rating there were 10 Djs for the first voted 10 people, for the second 5 and for the other 8 voted for 1. in total, 23 votes are obtained. it turns out 100k of coins we divide by 23 and multiply by … it turns out:
1) 43478.260869565217391RRC,
2) 21739.130434782608696RRC
3-10) to 4347.826086956521739RRC
and the more votes will be given for the DJ the more he will receive coins, the more votes will be given for the DJ — the more likely the course of the coin will be … go !!!
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